Sunday, November 14, 2010

Welcome Beatheads.

Thank you for joining me on this audio journey which started back in 2000 (age 16) and continues to this day.... I realized I have a lot of old music that has just been sitting around on a hard drive so I may as well put it up somewhere for people to hear!    I will be continuously putting up beats (both from the past and present), mostly instrumental, but might throw in some surprises here in there.  Lots of the older beats are grimy, right from cassette, or recorded poorly to begin with, but that adds to the appeal if you ask me.....

I'm going to post music every day for a long while until I run out of tracks to put up, but I have a lot in the archive so keep checking in!


Enough talk.

Here's some music:

These are both from 'Catalistrumentals', a "private press" CD that I did up in high school and gave out to friends.

Whats My Name:


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