Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Digging Is Therapy.

I'm sure most of us can remember back in high school when we realized we had emotions, and the track I am posting today, "Pain" is named for one of those.   Despite the song title though, once the song was completed I was actually feeling "Joy".  The previous day I got the information that my girlfriend was breaking up with me, so naturally I was unhappy, but little did I know how fortuitous this breakup would be.  

The next day I had already made plans to dig through a garage full of records where a local dealer had his collection, and I was so excited I actually forgot about the previous days events.  As I went through the records I was pulling out great stuff left and right, it was one of my best digging experiences (at that time).  Lots of soul, funk, jazz, rock and all at roughly 2 bucks each.  I was so happy I could barely contain myself.  I threw the records in the car and rushed home to listen to the haul, and immediately remembered the breakup.  "Why don't I express my emotions by making a beat?" I thought to myself.  Long story short, I pulled out some of the records I found during the dig and put together a track, which I was quite happy with.  

The moral of the story is: If you are feeling down, go buy some awesome records and then make music with them and you will feel ok again. (after listening to this song again, I was definitely in an 'aggressive' mood!)


thanks for reading and listening...

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