Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Music Keeps Me Together.

My Dad was a huge fan of blues, and the artist I remember him listening to the most was Taj Majal.  He used to play his bass along to the same Taj Majal album, often keeping me awake late at night since the bass tones drifted right through the floorboards.  I inherited (I basically took their records) an incredible amount of music from my parents which I will forever be grateful for.  That is the reason when I was digging for records back in junior year of high school and I found this Taj Majal LP, only buying it because I remembered all the bass licks my Dad would play.

The album is 'Music Keeps Me Together' by Taj Majal and I.S.M.B. (Intergalactic Soul Messengers Band).  The same day I got the record I put the needle down on Side 2, Track 1 and this is what I heard:

Taj Majal - West Indian Revelation (snippet)

Here is the beat I made that same day (if my memory serves me right the other flute sample is from a Jim Pepper record called 'Pepper's Pow-Wow', which I cannot find anywhere!):


thanks for listening.

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