Thursday, April 21, 2011

You And Your Smile.

I was working on a musical idea / rough beat one day in the studio and my friend Alonzo came into the room and starting singing this melody which was very familiar to me.  He then told me it was from 'Invitation' , a jazz standard originally written in 1952 by Polish composer Bronislaw Kaper.  From then I knew what to do with the track.  I got my close friend and amazing vocalist Sacha Williamson to come in and sing on the track, and my friend David Leitman to play the piano parts (he knew the song in and out).   I think of it as a Hip-Hop meets Jazz meets Latin/Brazilian track.. what do you think?  It was released via 7" vinyl and digital on WAH WAH 45s in 2009.   I have posted the Bill Evans version of the song so you can hear the original composition as well.

Alister Johnson - Invitation ft. Sacha Williamson
  Alister Johnson ft Sacha Williamson - Invitation by alisterjohnson
Bill Evans (w/ Eddie Gomez) - Invitation

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